The oldest mortal synopsis and table of contents (once I figure out how to setup one and feel I have enough chapters that I need to)

Title: The Oldest Mortal

Author: Xeno, owner of Desuworks

Inspiration: Xianxia (But the story itself may not be Xianxia. I’m not sure yet. Its my first story

Synopsis: In a universe filled with immeasurable power, there are beings of near infinite lifespan and vitality who have, by their standards, surpassed mortals and become ‘immortal cultivators’’ unmatched in the universe by everyone who is mortal. All of these beings wish to overcome the last couple blockages within themselves and reach the true peak of power, becoming an ‘omnipotent’ God/Goddess (not that gender even matters once you reach that level). After an immeasurable amount of time searching for some sort of inspiration that would help them overcome the blockage, (The youngest ‘immortal cultivator’ has been searching over 2 billion years.) they get a clue from a great prophet. (Who is surprisingly not very cryptic) She says, “You will find the insight you are missing to remove the blockages and become ‘omniscient’ with the oldest living mortal.” So the cultivators start their search for the oldest Mortal and our story begins….


(This will be my first publicly shared work and I have no editor or proofreader so there are bound to be ways I can improve the story and errors in grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure, (or more english issues even I haven’t thought of.) please leave a comment if you have an issue you would like to notify me of. I am currently writing this as a hobby so it is ultimately MY story. If I find that I don’t enjoy writing whatever part I am writing or it interferes with the story I want to tell (be it plot, character development, or world building) I will remove it, change it, or stop writing until I can find a solution that allows me to remain entertained and saying everything I want to. If I am for some reason unable to post a chapter for a week or more, I will let you know so that you don’t try and join the F5 sect while waiting for me. If I stop enjoying writing the story, I will switch to something else, whether it be another story or one of my many other hobbies, until I can regain enjoyment of the story. I will figure out how to add a table of contents as soon as I have enough chapters that I start having trouble navigating them. Again, I will make sure to notify you first. The only reason I would not notify you is if some accident prevented me from using the internet for an indefinite period of time, you have been warned.)
The most important thing to ask of you, the reader, as an author is this, enjoy the story of The Oldest Mortal.


Note: This was my first blog post, so you can just continue going next post and see everything my site has to offer from here.


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