The oldest mortal synopsis and table of contents (once I figure out how to setup one and feel I have enough chapters that I need to)

Title: The Oldest Mortal

Author: Xeno, owner of Desuworks

Inspiration: Xianxia (But the story itself may not be Xianxia. I’m not sure yet. Its my first story

Synopsis: In a universe filled with immeasurable power, there are beings of near infinite lifespan and vitality who have, by their standards, surpassed mortals and become ‘immortal cultivators’’ unmatched in the universe by everyone who is mortal. All of these beings wish to overcome the last couple blockages within themselves and reach the true peak of power, becoming an ‘omnipotent’ God/Goddess (not that gender even matters once you reach that level). After an immeasurable amount of time searching for some sort of inspiration that would help them overcome the blockage, (The youngest ‘immortal cultivator’ has been searching over 2 billion years.) they get a clue from a great prophet. (Who is surprisingly not very cryptic) She says, “You will find the insight you are missing to remove the blockages and become ‘omniscient’ with the oldest living mortal.” So the cultivators start their search for the oldest Mortal and our story begins….


(This will be my first publicly shared work and I have no editor or proofreader so there are bound to be ways I can improve the story and errors in grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure, (or more english issues even I haven’t thought of.) please leave a comment if you have an issue you would like to notify me of. I am currently writing this as a hobby so it is ultimately MY story. If I find that I don’t enjoy writing whatever part I am writing or it interferes with the story I want to tell (be it plot, character development, or world building) I will remove it, change it, or stop writing until I can find a solution that allows me to remain entertained and saying everything I want to. If I am for some reason unable to post a chapter for a week or more, I will let you know so that you don’t try and join the F5 sect while waiting for me. If I stop enjoying writing the story, I will switch to something else, whether it be another story or one of my many other hobbies, until I can regain enjoyment of the story. I will figure out how to add a table of contents as soon as I have enough chapters that I start having trouble navigating them. Again, I will make sure to notify you first. The only reason I would not notify you is if some accident prevented me from using the internet for an indefinite period of time, you have been warned.)
The most important thing to ask of you, the reader, as an author is this, enjoy the story of The Oldest Mortal.


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The Oldest Mortal: Prologue

The Oldest Mortal: Prologue
(Author note: everything in this story will be based from a first person perspective. This chapter in first person past participle. I will come up with a info page that has the cultivation stages before I get too far. (I won’t reveal anymore than is talked about and not a spoiler though.) Suffice it to say 1 in 90 trillion cultivators reaches Spirit diffusion stage, although it’s still far away from Immortal Cultivator.)

250 years ago:

After millennia of searching, I, Thaddius, Lord of the Empty Space, have found the oldest mortal. Like every other immortal, I started the search by looking through the particularly long living races. After all, they are mortal, it’s not like they can extend their lifespan. How wrong I was, after questioning all of the elementals, dragons, elves, vampires, demons, and angels, I noticed that despite some of them living for hundreds of thousands of years, none of them had any knowledge I lacked, I could not gain that final piece of inspiration from them. Still, believing that I just did not know of some incredibly large lifespan race, I searched the libraries of the universe for that missing race.
While searching the ancient history books on one of the major worlds for missing races, that’s when I spotted the name, Argest. Realizing that Argest has had his name pop up in history books on 500 celestial bodies after cross checking the books, Some books being as far back as recorded mortal history goes while others being as recent as 150 years ago. None recorded his origins of course. I noticed he had lived longer than even some cultivators of the Spirit diffusion stage! While we can communicate with mortals, it is generally looked down upon to interfere with them as much as he has through history, especially with power of the Spirit diffusion stage or greater. I decided to go visit this Argest and give him a warning that from now on many immortals will be watching and to tone down his activities.
It is recorded that he currently lives on the World of Page in a forest that has a crater that runs through the entire world. After knowing the location I directly teleported the vast distance between my current space and the forest. Distance has no meaning to an immortal. I spread my Spiritual sense and searched the forest. Finding that the hut contained a mortal relaxing in a chair, I released my Aura and questioned him through Spiritual sense.
“Where is the Cultivator known as Argest!” Transmitted with a feeling that had driven greater elementals into slavery on its own.
“Why do you ask?” Responded the mortal lazily, He did not even shiver at the feeling and the sensations I was receiving told me that he was more amused than anything, like watching one of those Chihuahuas in a frilly dress try to intimidate an elephant.
“Impudence! You dare to talk back!” If I was in a more rational state of mind I might have realized that I had never before met a mortal that could resist instant submission to my spiritual sense, as I am an immortal Cultivator who specializes in the soul. But in my rage I tried to rip the information from his spirits memories while leaving him a vegetable in the process.
You could feel the sigh as he spoke back. Yes, spoke, somehow without feeling any signs of teleportation I found myself in front of this mortal in the chair. He was 5’3 with grey hair and murky white eyes, with a sinewy build that was sleek and seemed like it held hidden power. His age seemed like it would be around 27 years old for a human, and he looked the closest to human as a species. The only notable difference being that grey, wide tail that hung down behind him, but with how lifeless it was it might just be a decoration, like those cat ear headbands some humans are fond of. Being a cultivator I had seen many more handsome or beautiful, but he had an air of mystery I had never felt before. Trying to rip the information from him felt like I was trying to grasp the sunlight with mortal hands. I was dumbfounded.
His words were these, “Well you have found the only Argest in this forest. Although I’m not a cultivator. You have also tried to ‘kill’ me for all intents and purposes, and while I’m not particularly offended or angry, I cannot easily let someone who wants to ‘kill’ me converse with me. So I will give you a trial, if you pass, you may talk with me, and your control over the spirit should have considerable progress. If not, you will be stuck in that world until you do. I hope you have the talent.” He yawned out these words and my dantian was ripped from my body and altered into a cage for my soul while a world was built on the inside of it.

As I watched my body disintegrate, (I can just form a new one later) I made sure to memorize the appearance of this man who trapped me, Argest, who must be the oldest living mortal, as only age can grant this much power, and vowed I, Thaddius, Lord of Empty Space, would clear this trial and learn his secrets. After all, how could I possibly let a mortal best me? Then everything went dark for a time.



Thus vanished Thaddius, Lord of Empty Space, youngest of the immortal cultivators. Only reappearing after 200 years and many other incidents had passed. He was given the shortest amount of time to chose his representative.